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Re: the definition of fair ...

TimT wrote:

I remember Ron Resnick saying that he needed increased shot discipline to get the most out of the D2x, and I think that the D7000 is the same.

If you look at the shots taken with No 2 in the link above, you will see that there is nothing wrong with my shot discipline. See what I mean? In spite of all the evidence, i.e. those shots in the link and the shots I provided on here showing back-focus on my other bodies and Nikons acknowledgement of the problem, your're STILL crying user error.

I'm not crying and I wasn't talking about your shot discipline. I was talking about someone who buys the new camera and 1 day later comes on saying that the camera didn't focus on what he wanted, or the guy that shoots at f2 and expects everything to be sharp.... or the guy that uses too warm of a wb and complains that the colors are off.

None of the above apply to my case. It was some time before I presented my case regarding the focusing issues and I didn't open my mouth until I had test results that clearly showed the problem which was acknowledged by people on here and by Nikon. I know about depth of field so I wouldn't complain about out of focus areas when using large apertures. The auto WB never seemed to give the right colour even in what would normally be very good daylight. I never had to do a WB preset on every shot with my D80, only when it needed it, which wasn't that often. Why should auto WB not perform as well on a more modern, more expensive camera? I don't know.

Anyway, I'll stick to what I said earlier, that no camera is perfect.

With respect, four fixes on my first D7000, a half decent used one (for full price) and a third one that again back-focused outside the range of the AF fine tune is a tad more than a camera that wasn't quite perfect. However I fully accept that there are those without problems. I just got annoyed when people wouldn't accept that there were those WITH problems and put it all down to me and user error. It's patronsing and condescended, especially in the manner in which it was said.

If I had that many problems with my d7000, i'd wait it out for the d8000 or get a d300s.

I'm open to all options, but experience has made me a nervous buyer. I can't help it. I've just lost faith that the next camera I get will be OK. I know that's a bit irrational, but I can help how I feel any more than say someone who is scared of heights. It's like a bleddy phobia

I"m not trying to be patronizing or condescending to you about your camera problems, so hopefully, you don't take it that way. I just like to try to eliminate the variables before saying that something is wrong with the camera/lens/whatever.

OK, but to be fair, I did do all I could to find a solution, but there was clearly a problem.

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