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Re: V1 Sample Images from DPNow

Thanks for these the link to these samples. Is Nikon 1 using selective sharpening? For instance in the image of the boy blowing out the candles, the boys face is out of focus but the candles are very sharp. At 4.5 I would have expected the boy's face to be in focus too. And a parent might be disappointed with this outcome.

I have to admit I don't get the long sequence of the cyclist, what's the point?

Also it seems that things in the focal plane are very sharp, very good IQ. But if I look at areas away from the subject like the background the IQ looks dusty or grainy, as if that part of the image was cropped from a much larger image. On a D700 you wouldn't notice any difference, I often crop 1 to 1 with no ill effect but when I crop my APS-C images in close I get the same effect, a hint if pixelation or haziness. It's almost as if two images had been blended to produce one.

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