Danger of Lightning & Thunder?

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Re: Danger of Lightning & Thunder?

CharlieDIY wrote:

Bill Force wrote:

As I type this, my car is loaded with items I lost last week in a giant lightning storm here in Colombia. The Andes storms can be horrendous and you have to have protection. I had protection but evidently not enough. Since then I had an electrician install additional "ground tods" and tie them all together so hopefully it will shunt the charge to ground.

Although I do have a lightning mast installed it didn't help because the lightning hit our main electric distribution line and even though my individual overvoltage protectors blew out it still went past and fried 2 TV's, 2 multi-printers, 4 wireless telephones and 3 Direct TV receiver boxes. I'm taking all of these items into Medellin tomorrow to my insurance adjuster, fortunately my insurance covered everything.

Incidently it blew a 4 foot hole in my neighbors yard right next to our common fence.

I was sitting at my PC when it hit and it sounded like a bomb went off, fire flashed from the TV's and scared my 2 dogs half to death.

Some years ago, I went into a home that had been hit by lightning after the fire was out. Evidently, it hit a suppressor and jumped that, blowing an 18" gap in the wiring as a moved. The house was not totaled, but it was as close as anyone could want. That was in downstate (Orange County area) NY.

No one was killed, or even hurt, but, then, no one was home.

People buy a home, and the last thing they are going to check, or even think about is whether the place's lighting protection is still functioning. A properly protected home should suffer no damage from a strike. None.


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