Wow! Sony NEX5N with 30mm weighs less than E-PL3 w/ 20mm!!!

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Re: Wow! Sony NEX5N with 30mm weighs less than E-PL3 w/ 20mm!!!

BS?? Moi!?? Actually, BA - Yale '62 (Philosophy & Art History), and doctorate at Heidelberg Univ. '71 (Philology), which explains my great interest in language, words and their derivations. While there I might modestly add that I ghost-wrote the philological breakthrough masterpiece "Portugese Irregular Verbs" for Dept. Chair Prof. Dr. von Igelfeld - a most disagreeable "gentleman" who claimed noble lineage.

My part in this was celebrated in Prof. A. McCall Smith's rather lighthearted and humorous novel by the same name chronicling the hapless von Igelfeld's pretensions and misadventures, and in it's sequel "At the Villa of Reduced Circumstances" both of which you should find quite entertaining.

I do hope you take the time to check this out, as most of it can be easily confirmed. I'll be happy to add more details!

Now, just Plain old Pete

Rupert Bottomsworth wrote:
Wipe your mouth Pete, there's BS dribbling out of it.

Pete Berry wrote:

!Gott in Himmel! King Rupert the Eighth would ban me frm thes fora, even go so far as to lop oft mine hed (which holds my loosed tongue)????

"Tactily", unbveknownst to you, was a corruptshunof the advoib "tactile" by our Swis-Germen eschange student Korinna some 25 years ago, now a succesfol Opthalalalaomolololgest in Zurich, with a secund orifice in Basel - tha one and the same Korinna who coinedd the werd "thingy" in our home for any noun she forgetted. Since she purely and simpli not coodent say tha werd "tactilely", she insistid in sayign it "tactily".

And as did "thingy", it has become recugnized standerd usege, and I'm soprized that a man of yer intelllectule accompleshment has not yet becomed awair of this.

I do deeply and humbly apologize for my thoughtless comment which has offended you so mightly. I just had no idea a Sony Nex afficionado of your Royal standing would diminish himself by associating with micro 4/3's unwashed and ignorant.

So perhaps, your Royal Bottoms, if you would allow me to fondle gently this lens you hold in such high esteem, and view it as it is meant to be viewed, I could grow to love it, both tactily and visually.

Your obedient servant,
Peter the Humble

Rupert Bottomsworth wrote:

Yep, as I thought, you have nothing interesting or intelligent to say. What a shame people like you are allowed to post on these forums.

By the way, what does "tactily" mean? Is this a word you made up?

Pete Berry wrote:

Oops, you've found me out, you clever fellow! You're right, I bought the Pana-Leica 14-150, the Panny 14-45, 7-14, and 100-300 strictly on the basis of their aesthetics. Stunning - one in the massive techno-Germanic mode, one a very creative and tactily satisfying receptacle for a bulging eyeball, the others fine specimens of neo-plastic mediocrity. So I stand by my statement. I do suppose the retro-thermos style could come into vogue any day now, though!

Image Quality? Is that the IQ thingy I see mentioned from time to time? I should take a look, but like, how do you do that 100% crap deal folks seem to be hung up on?

Guilty as charged! - Valley Pete

Rupert Bottomsworth wrote:

Yes, because as we all know, the physical appearance of the lens is the most important aspect of it. Never mind image quality or anything as trivial as that.

As another poster has said already, the Sony lens is a macro lens, so it doesn't have to be fast. Anyone who knows anything about macro photography knows that you shoot around f16 or thereabouts to get an acceptable depth of field. When the subject is a few centimetres away from the lens, f3.5 would give a far too shallow depth of field.

Pete Berry wrote:

Mein Gott!! That's by far the most butt-ugly and huge abortion of a slow prime I could possibly imagine! But I'm also sure you will just have to add it to you vast and unused collection.


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