LR, CS5, NAS, OSX experiment requested

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LR, CS5, NAS, OSX experiment requested

I found an issue on my Mac (Lion but was there in Snow Leopard as well) using LR3, CS5, and my NetGear ReadyNas NV. Before I spend a lot of cash replacing my NAS, I'd like others to try an experiment and see if it's an LR bug or if it's related to my NAS.

Please follow the following steps exactly and let me know what you find. Note that everything works fine if the file is stored locally.

1) Find a RAW file in LR on your NAS that has no corresponding Tiff file (i.e. has not been edited in CS5 yet) and select "Edit in Adobe Photoshop CS5". Make any edit you want, then Close (say yes to save).

2) Verify in Finder and in LR that the file you edited now has a TIFF version called filename-edit.tif (keep the finder window open for later).

3) Select the new Tiff in LR and edit in photoshop again (as though you want to fine tune a setting or forgot something).

4) Go back to the finder window and verify "-edit.tif" is still listed there while it's open in CS5.

5) Go back to CS5 and "save" the file (Command-S). Verify that it saves properly. Should anything weird happen ("Access error" or any other error message), and before doing anything else, go back to the finder window and see if the "-edit.tif" is still there or not (It should be). If an error occurred go back to PS and cancel the save command and now close the file without saving.

6) Go back to the finder window...tell me if the original "...-edit-tif" file is still there. In my case it never comes back.

Interested in your findings...

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