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Re: Crop

I have no problem with a photographer claiming that he or she "never crops". Some photographers like self-imposed rules - only shooting with natural light, or only shooting with a single focal length, or only shooting film. For all I know there might be a photographer who only shoots while standing on one leg. Whatever you like.

Just don't tell me that I must do the same things you do. You'll just make yourself look stupid. I will shoot with studio strobes, many focal lengths, and digital, and you can't stop me.

Don't tell me I can't crop my images.

I do my own printing, and because I don't live in the US, I print on A series papers (A4, A3, even A2), and they all have an aspect ratio of 1.414:1. I find it a pleasing aspect ratio - I shoot with a view to cropping to this aspect ratio a lot of the time. I also crop to squares.

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