Puts M9, X100 comparison

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Re: Puts M9, X100 comparison

This is a low quality review.

I have both cameras, and you cannot beat the X100
as a fun-off-the-cahrts camera.

However, stay away from the THUMBS UP EP-5S accessory for the X100.

I received a THUMBS UP EP-5S for the FX100,
which got stuck in the hot shoe of my brand new FX100
that I had received 2 days ago.

The THUMBS UP EP-5S is stuck about 3 mm from the end of the hot shoe,
but cannot move, and wiggling it only resulted in loosening of the
hot shoe of the FX100, which now moves easily up to 1.5 - 2 mm to the right.

The THUMBS UP EP-5S is one low quality product!

Stay away from it,or you risk ruining your cameras!

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