IMHO, Pentax needs to reposition the brand.

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Anirut J
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IMHO, Pentax needs to reposition the brand.

This is just my humble oppinion.

I just got interested in Pentax's branding and searched for the tagline (or slogan). The one that popped up on says "Be Interesting".

So, as a brand consultant (and an amature photographer who sometimes makes money from photography) , I'd say that such tagline is not good. It provides no benefit. It does not address the interests of photographers. It has no impact whatsoever to benefit the brand.

Ricoh, now that you hold the reign, you'd better reposition the Pentax brand real quick.

They are so many great things about Pentax camera and its heritage. One thing for sure: Pentax users know something about serious photography, that's why they don't fall prey to the big boys. They know that big brand equipment is not all the solution.

I think I've written in my K-r comment early in September that "It's a photographer's camera". Now, does that sentence ring a bell? There are reasons why I said it.

The K-r, supposedly being an "entry-level", still has LOTS of features serious photographers would love to enjoy. Things like: Interval shooting, Multiple exposures, 1/6000, 6 FPS, Fine tuning your lens, etc. These functions are somewhat "lacking" in other brands' entry level. These functions, as made available to an entry-level Pentax, is an AFFIRMATION by Pentax that you care about people who are serious about photography.

But Pentax did not grab on that opportunity, to AFFIRM to the market that they really care about serious photgraphy.

(Note: Glitches like front focus aside. It's a bug that MUST be addressed immediately. And an immediate reaction to faults is crucial. This is something that Pentax must improve on.)

Seriously, did any one on this forum who bought a DSLR took any serious look into the video capability of your camera? Did you really, seriously care how well the video would come out? I, for one, after a month, have not taken video with the K-r (yet). And I don't even know when I'm going to do that, if ever.

(This video function, understandably, is a "must have" marketing gimmick to "be there too" along with everybody else. Otherwise you'd be left out.)

So, again, IMHO, the Pentax brand needs to get out of that "Be Interesting" positioning and be more realistic about serious photography as a whole.

I can go out there, make myself look very interesting, and holding any other camera brand that's not Pentax.


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