Pro photographer workshops-do they really take you to the best spots

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ScottyNV Veteran Member • Posts: 3,889
Certainly, they DO... BUT.!

think about the fact that the precise, or very close to precise locations Ansel Adams stood his tripod are known, published, and make up almost a 'Mecca' circuit for aspiring landscape photographers..

they stand in the same PLACE as the greats, use the same or BETTER gear, and have all the history of the place...

but their shots are mediocre or at best very pale copies of the master's work.

BECAUSE they lack the VISION and patience to go back week after week year round and wait for the scene to cooperate (and hope that they are there when it does!)

the pros who give the workshops are secure in their vision and have no trouble sharing their 'secret' locations because it is not about the location, but all of the subtle elements that come together and MAKE the shot.

beam me up captain, there's no intelligent life down here!

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