NEX-5N - Some low-light sample images

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NEX-5N - Some low-light sample images

Hi all,

First, I'd like to state that I am a 100% rubbish photographer. I have just sold a horridly underused Canon 350d and replaced it with a NEX-5N which I hope will see more use. Today's images really suggest that it might just get that...

Ok, so as mentioned, I'm no great photographer. What I want is a camera that flatters me to the utmost, allowing me to take great quality pictures without actually having to be much good at it. One of the things that's annoyed me about both the Canon and my Pana TZ5 is their low light performance, so that's been pretty much the first thing I've played with on the camera.

Lots of people out there who, just like me, are wondering how good the new camera will be for them. If they're like me, perhaps these shots will be of use to them in making that decision.

Anyway, enough talk, here are the pics, all of which are taken handheld, sans-flash with the stock 18-55 lens.


Just a sample shot on my desk of a drink bottle (mmm, Fentimans ):

Photo of my MiL's cat. This was taken in a pretty dark room, with aperture priority and as wide open as I could take it:

This photo was effectively taken in candlelight with no specific settings, other than a forced ISO 12800. Yes it's noisy as hell, but I kinda like it...and it wouldn't have been the same with a flash:

Ok, these next few are taken with the "Anti Motion Blur" setting enabled. Nothing else changed as far as I can remember. The light sources in the first two are a single, small tealight, which I hope gives some idea of just how dark it was! (I wish I'd taken my TZ5 for comparison):

In this one, the anti-blur software managed to handle the point light (a 60W bulb) very nicely indeed:

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