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Re: played with the x10 yesterday

frdvdv wrote:

lacro wrote:

As a matter of fact, between these four Compacts in this DPR comparison (X10 vs. XZ1 vs. LX5 vs. S100), the 1st one seems to be the better option (bigger sensor is better that a slightly faster lens?), not that I shouldn't consider it... or which is more, if I should consider any other camera in that range..., but please feel free for any suggestion. My two cents. Cheers, C

A bigger sensor can be better but it needs to be significantly larger

The X10 sensor is only marginally larger then its rivals, like the XZ-1 (only a factor 1,2). A micro-four-thirds is four times bigger (4x) and that only gives about a two-stop advantage in noise. So don't expect magic from that 1,2 bigger factor.

The LX5, XZ-1, EX-1 and X-10 all have great lenses (Leica,Zuiko,Fujinon,Kreuztner) and I would suggest you select on features that suit you in daily shooting and not on IQ, since that in my opinion doesn't make a significant difference between all these compacts.

THANKS, frdvdv! That was the feedback I was looking.

I had the same impression on the sensor size, but couldn't find better criteria for making a choice between all those cams. (I've considered the new S100, instead of the EX-1? Casio/Samsung). Until, the X-10, I thought the LX5 would be better for my overall needs. I want a serious and versatile pocketable camera, the best for that value range. Though appealing, the much more expensive m43s already have hard-2-carry lenses... In that case, I'd go for a full DSLR...

Then again, I would love a wider 24 PanaLumix lens, but the faster 28 from the X-10 isn't bad. Comparing them with the DPR tool, it seems to me the X-10 fits better, but I might be missing some feature comparison.

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