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Hubertus Bigend
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Re: Someone tell me I'm dreaming.....

papillon_65 wrote:

sd40 wrote:

Hubertus Bigend wrote:

The E-510 was ok, but its AA filter indeed was heavy.

Disagree that it was heavy, especially when compared to the E620 and most other Oly DSLRs.

Absolutely, not even close, the raw files I get from the E-510 have never needed agressive sharpening. The raw files I used to get from the E-30 looked like I had clingfilm on the lens in comparison.

What RAW converter? Depending on the RAW converter, for example Olympus Master/Studio which tries to mimic the JPEG engine of the specific camera, you're possibly working on differently pre-sharpened images before explicitly applying any sharpness yourself.

With Silkypix, I found the E-30 and E-510 RAWs similarly soft in 100% view, before trying to do anything to them myself.


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