A77 vs. 60D vs. 5N vs. GH2 raw

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Re: A77 vs. 60D vs. 5N vs. GH2 raw

Henry Richardson wrote:

I decided to take a look at the dpreview A77 studio shot and use the cool comparison tool. I usually just take a cursory look at these sorts of pixel-peeping things, but what I was seeing surprised me a bit so I spent a few more minutes on it. Since I shoot an A700 and Canon 60D now those are the 2 most interesting bodies to compare the A77 to for me. Unfortunately, the A700 is not included (I think they only include current cameras). So, I compared the A77 24mp, 60D 18mp, NEX 5N 16mp, and Panasonic GH2 18mp (m4/3). I am looking at raw. Maybe a later raw processor will get better results.

Hmm, it isn't looking too good to me. At ISOs above, say, 400 or so the 60D and 5N look better to me and as the ISO goes up they get even better in comparison to the A77. If you downsize the A77 to 18mp then it might help the A77 a little bit (or downsize both of them to the 5N 16mp), but at the higher ISOs I don't think that it is likely at all that it would help enough. I am not a professional pixel-peeper, but I have looked at various parts of the image and the A77 just doesn't look so good even though the pixel density is similar to the 60D. Not too long ago David Kilpatrick had an interesting blog post about the new 24mp APS-C sensor:


I have thought my 60D probably does a better job in general at higher ISO than my A700, but using the comparison tool and comparing it to the very highly regarded 5N I was surprised that the 60D looks pretty good in comparison to it too. The m4/3 18mp sensor looks pretty similar to the A77 24mp sensor at high ISO. Maybe the m4/3 is even a little better, but close enough not to be concerned about.

Here is the dpreview comparison:


I think that DxO graphs and ratings don't tell the whole story. Looking at actual photos tells you a lot that DxO doesn't seem to capture.

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Henry Richardson

+1 ... And if you spend some paper&ink in A3/A2 prints - where the 24 MP sensor can offer some advantage - you would come exactly to the same conclusion...

(I know, because I already did that, and even tried with the much talked/praised CaptureOne converter last (trial) version...)

Best regards,

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