How should I light this room in an heritage house?

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Re: How should I light this room in an heritage house?

Thanks for all the input. I have a better idea as to how I can light this room up. I'm not going to have time to order in any gels... I shoot in RAW, so I hope I can just adjust the WB in post-processing.

I went to check the place out again... damn I hate those green walls and khaki coloured ceilings... sigh...

Anyway, I'm gonna bring my 2 strobes and set it up in the room wirelessly. I'm trying to think about how to position them now. On the wedding day, most of the furnitures will be removed. The bride and groom will be standing in front of the windows and they will have chairs set up (only about 12 chairs) for guest to sit for the ceremony. The room is tight~ so how would you guys recommend I set up the lights so that as I'm working around the room, I get good lighting for the bride and groom, and when I shoot backwards towards the guest, they are not backlit too?

Thanks for any input! Much appreciated!

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