Building a PC for photography, light gaming, social networks...

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Re: Building a PC for photography, light gaming, social networks...

a case like lían li is for example much cooler then other cases , cooling is as important as anything in your case.

The reason its all made out of aluminium is to absorb the heat from with in the case better and there for better cooling.
Not just if you want to do some oc but also if you want a quiet pc.

On top, cases like lían li or silverstone have a lot of parts for their cases to expand or to help you out with your pc configuracion.

Invest also in better fans, stock fans are normally louder and dont push that much air.

I would take of all the cooling elements on your mobo en replace the thermal grease with some which have silver for better cooling, they normally use this white pasta wich in the long run becomes hard and doesnt transmit the heat as good.

A pc you can always expand with ssd or hdd etc etc in a future , i would prefer to invest more in a good case.
Hope a have given you enough reason to think about It

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