Epson 4000 Clogged Head- Need Help

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Re: Success!!!! Re: Epson 4000 Clogged Head- Need Help

Paul Spatafora wrote:


The printer is finally firing on all nozzles. I puddled the head in rubbing alcohol and now the printer is working like new.

Great to hear. Next time don't waste a lot of ink doing cleanings as it is cheaper to use cleaning fluids before doing any cleaning cycles. Some distilled water on the capping station sponge overnight may work if the printer has not been used for a few days. Cleaning fluids if the printer has not been used for a long time and water and a couple of normal cleaning cycles do not fix the problem.

I'm planning on keeping the head moist during bouts of none use. What do you recommend as a solution to do this. Will Windex harm the head if I use it to keep air from seeping into the head? Will water be ok? I believe this is the possible solution to my clogging problem.

I don't know what is best but Windex I don't recommend because it removes ink from the head and you need to do cleanings to fix it. I would say that a few drops of distilled water, just enough to keep the capping station sponge moisture may be best. Let's say that your printer clogs after 5 days of non-use, then try a few drops of water every 2-3 days. Same idea as the procedure from this link:

Some people put a wet sponge inside the printer to increase humidity. Others Place a container with water below the printer, etc.. etc.

Experiment to see what works for you but I would start with a few drops of distilled water on the capping station

Please report what works best for you.

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