Let the re-thinking begin: NEX 5n(pre-ordered) vs Nex 7?

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Re: Prices and Quality

Slynky wrote:

futile32 wrote:

This isn't really aimed at you, but your comment reminded me of alot of peoples complains over spending double for a little more.

People think that Money and Worth are linear, its just not like that. For example my car is worth 6,000 new, and it does all the things that a Farrari can do for 250,000. Now the Farrari can do 'nearly' twice the speed and has better materials, but will get me to the same place, a little bit quicker and perhaps in a tad more comfort. So logically I'm thinking it'll be about 12-15,000 right. Wrong!

Cutting edge technology has a premium, and sometimes has trade-offs too. The majority of us, on this forum are not typical consumers. We understand the differences quite clearly and that leads more to dilemma than result.

With more knowledge comes more confusion. Nothing is ever simple.

At the end of the day, you have considered what is more important for you, and I think you've made a good choice (even if I do think its a bit pre-mature right now).

Interesting thought pattern.

I so agree with this difficult to understand thought.
Well said!

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