Wow! Sony NEX5N with 30mm weighs less than E-PL3 w/ 20mm!!!

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Wow! Sony NEX5N with 30mm weighs less than E-PL3 w/ 20mm!!!

I thought NEX lenses were big. Not their primes!

The 30mm NEX lens (coming out Oct 12) is only 4.7 ounces! Compare that to our loved Panasonic 20mm pancake at 3.5 ounces. That is a difference of only 1.2 ounces!!

And the very bright nex 50mm 1.8 is only 7.2 ounces

Note that the NEX 5N camera is 9.5 ounces with battery (same as Oly PM1 or Pana GF3)

And the NEX7 is only 10.3 ounces without battery.

So for example a light E-PL3 (11 ounces) + a light 20mm Panasonic pancake (3.5) is 14.5 ounces

And the NEX 5N (9.5 ounces) + 30mm (4.7) = 14.2 ounces

Note the Sony NEX 5N has less megapixels than the NEX7 and thus better ISO. Of course both the NEX5N and the NEX7 have huge ISO capabilities.

This was a shocker. I have been carrying my PL3 with my 20mm Panasonic in my jacket pocket with no problem. Now I can put a NEX5N with a 30mm prime in my jacket pocket for less weight!

What is going on?

Here it is: the secret is in the Panasonic 14mm 2 ounce pancake. The point here is that m4/3 lenses and cameras can be very light. Half the weight of NEX.

But the point is NEX primes can be 4.7 ounces and m4/3 primes can be 2 ounces!

(and Nikon 1 primes could be 1 ounce lenses!)

Here is another shocker. Take Sony NEX 55-200 lens (October 19) at 12 ounces, 4.3 inches long. (Panasonic 45-200 is 13.4 ounces, 3.9 inches long, practically the same)

My point here is that yes there are some large lenses in the NEX system. But chosen carefully, using primes and not so bright zooms, the NEX lenses are the same size as the Panasonic m4/3 lenses.

In other words, some NEX lenses weigh the same as their m4/3 counterparts. Some m4/3 lenses have lost the weight they could have lost before (like the 14mm Panasonic at only 2 ounces!). And the Nikon 1 could be half the weight it is now (though at that point perhaps might as well look at P&S's)

Now that 30mm 3.5 NEX prime macro has very, very sharp results: (note that picture makes that 4.7 ounce lens look big, I would like to see a portrait picture of that lens with camera, not the lens in front of the camera)

And even though it is f3.5, consider this: OK it is not that bright, but you can get easily a clean ISO 3200 from the NEX system...and really, as a 4.7 ounce 30mm walkabout lens with a 9.5 ounce NEX5N you are quite set to go. And the f3.5 will let you get well focused pictures, taking 1.8 pictures is really a specialty.

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