Building new computer mainly for photoshop - video card question

Started Sep 29, 2011 | Discussions thread
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I went Velociraptor and love them & 5770 ATi

giraffe wrote:

Thank you - some great information here. Will pull the plug and purchase next week. I will start with 8gb memory. Have to decide between the velociraptor or an SSD. Will have to change my choice of video card as the store doesn't stock the 5670's anymore.

You'll love the new system. Here's my build:

I went with Velociraptor drives and things run blazing fast. I like SSD but have seen my fair share of problems with them too, so I said no. Photoshop is RAM intensive and with the drop in board prices and RAM being dirt cheap, I'd go with 12GB. You'll be fine if not overkill with a 5770 ATi. I do some video edits and love it.

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