played with the x10 yesterday

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Re: played with the x10 yesterday

As a matter of fact, between these four Compacts in this DPR comparison (X10 vs. XZ1 vs. LX5 vs. S100), the 1st one seems to be the better option (bigger sensor is better that a slightly faster lens?), not that I shouldn't consider it... or which is more, if I should consider any other camera in that range..., but please feel free for any suggestion. My two cents. Cheers, C

frdvdv wrote:

lacro wrote:

I'm eager to find more on the X10, as I'm deciding to get one on that $ range.

Though I like the 24 mm from the LX5 more, all the other features point me to this X10. Nor the Olympus XZ1, and no other option (eg Canon S100) in that $ range, seems to come close to this "sensor+lens and IQ+Pocketable" combination.

Any better, one should double his budget for m43...

just curious, why is the olympus xz-1 not option?

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