Is there a mass bale-out on X100's?

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Re: Is there a mass bale-out on X100's?

I hardly think they're getting rid of them like hot cakes because of some aperture issue only a small percentage of people are having. I havent had that problem and i've owned my X100 for 5 months with a few thousand shots on the shutter.

Its not a camera for everyone - people who purchase a D700 probably know a thing or two about photography, they know what they want. They didnt get the D700 because of its looks (its pretty ugly) so they've got to want it for its performance to get it.

The X100 isnt a camera for everyone, and thats why i like it.

Though to be honest, i'm thinking of sticking to bigger companies. My Galaxy S II is a piece of junk, UI clumsy, keyboard slow, browser lame - too much mucking about to get the phone how i want it. The iPhone i had was a breeze and a much better user experience. Same with cameras, this X100 has weird UI options, slow AF and dust getting behind the viewfinder, compared to my 5D2 its things that I wasnt expecting.

Sometimes things are popular for a reason, and i can see why people flock to the more popular brands. But in this case i can live with the X100's flaws.

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