Legacy lens mount suggestions

Started Sep 16, 2011 | Discussions thread
tammons Veteran Member • Posts: 6,179
Re: Legacy lens mount suggestions

Konica AR lenses are very nice and most are sharp with a few jewels.
Reasonably priced too.

Caveat is they will not fit on a modern SLR camera.

Start off with a Hexanon 50mm F1.7
There are about 20 on Ebay hovering at around $10-20.

I just got one with oily aperture blades for $3.26 and its very sharp even WO.
Right up there and close to a Contax 50mm lens.

If money is not object, Contax CY lenses are superb.

Go to my Pbase site and there are a lot of simple lens tests with the 5N.

For 14mm and 85mm, and probably 35mm the Samyang lenses are probably
the sharpest and fastest for the $.

The Samyang 35mm lens is big.

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