Is it rude to bring DSLR to wedding?

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Re: Have you ever been a Pro?

chiane wrote:


I think wedding photographers seem to forget that they are the hired help. Your job is to around the scene, not in spite of it. Sometimes I wonder who is the jackass and who is the one having to put up with it.

You didn't answer my question. Have you ever been a professional wedding photographer?

Yes strictly speaking we're the hired help. Luckily, I only worked for one client that treated me that way. The rest of my customers regarded our relationship as a partnership. This is a very special day for them there's few people with whom they'll spend more time than with the photographer. Because of their viewpoint, wedding photography for me was an overwhelmingly positive experience. I've had numerous couples who, after praising me for the photography, remarked how easy it was to work with me and that my calm demeanor had done a lot to help them relax and enjoy the day.

You seem interested in putting "mere" wedding photographers in their place. I'm sure you feel superior to them. I have a different approach. I treat those with whom I come in contact with decency and respect, whether they be my plumber, the teenage girl behind the Chik-Fil-A counter or the custodian at the county garbage dump. It's a treat to see their eyes light up when it is apparent I acknowledge there's actually a feeling human being with whom I'm relating. If I can leave just one person feeling a little better, then I've had a successful day.

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