Is it rude to bring DSLR to wedding?

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Went to the wedding!

The replies really took off for this one!! Thank you to everyone who gave their opinions, observations, experiences.

I went to the wedding and brought said DSLR. The last wedding I went to before this one I was asked to be the photographer for the reception only. I took some gorgeous photos and the bride and groom were very happy. I didn't pay much attention to anyone elses camera habits. Therefore, when going to this one as a "guest" I was not sure of the proper etiquette. I have not been to a wedding before these two in maybe 10 years.

So, as I was saying I went to the ceremony with my 7d and non obtrusive 30mm lens. I hid it under my sweater as i was nervous it would be annoying. As the bride came down the hill, I was in the last row and had a wonderful view of her. As I was timid to actually take pics, (i had to bring the camera to the ceremony as I could not leave it anywhere before the reception) i looked to my right and left and TWENTY people had their camera out, even with flash enabled! At this point I realized, big camera or not....EVERYONE else had a camera! I took a few pics and even got a great one of the flower girl.

At the reception, same thing. Everyone had a camera and was NOT shy about using it, even with flash. I guess I was out of touch with weddings!

The pro's hired to do the wedding were amazing, as staying out of their way was a no brainer as I could hardly ever notice them.

And.....did anyone else bring a "big" camera? YES! At least 3 people were there with their camera right around their neck and ready to take any photos they wanted.

moral of the story? STOP WORRYING.

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