Is it rude to bring DSLR to wedding?

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Re: Have you ever been a Pro?

Doug MacMillan wrote:

chiane wrote:

If your chosen career path is to be a wedding photographer, and you get your panties in a wad if Joe public at the wedding chats you up or take pictures with their own equipment, you seriously need to rethink your line of work. Maybe choose something like product photography, or living in a log cabin deep in the woods writing, where you don't have to deal with other humans. People persons, many here are not.

I swear, after spending time in these forums, I am convinced that photographers have to be the grumpiest profession out there.

Just curious, have you ever been a professional wedding photographer? I have, although it was many moons ago. I didn't mind talking to enthusiasts about photography when there was a slow spot. I did mind them getting in my face and insisting that I teach them everything I know on the spot. I also got annoyed when they followed me around like a puppy dog and disrupting my relationship with my customers and breaking my rhythm.

I didn't mind the enthusiast bringing their cameras and taking photos at the reception. I did mind them trying to shoot over my shoulder during the formals. I had an exclusive clause and I have shut down shooting formals until the jerks were escorted out. Back then, I used light slaves although radio slaves were becoming available. I did it on purpose so I could argue their flashes were ruining my shots. I did mind being shoved out of the way by Uncle Bobs who wanted the prime position for the cake cutting or garter throw. I got very good at throwing elbows and stomping on feet.

95% of the Uncle Bobs and Aunt Sallies I encountered were very nice considerate people. Sadly, from what I observe, it's gotten much worse. My friends who are still wedding photographers abhor the aggresive Uncle Bobs for good reason. I'm glad I don't have to put up with the jackasses and nowadays there seems to be plenty of them.


Obviously having Uncle Bobs in your space is not ideal, but you have to know that's what you get being a wedding photographer. That's the job! Part of it is working in a public arena. It's like a street shooter complaining that the wrong people keep getting in their shots. If you don't want to deal with that, you should have been shooting super models on a private beach, or got into studio work.

If I am a client getting married, I want the best shots I can get within reason. If it came down to you hip checking my over zealous aunt or getting a worse shot, I can tell you I'd have either canned your azz, or kick it first and then canned it if the photographer I hired was a jack wad to my guests. And btw, every single one of them would outrank you.

I think wedding photographers seem to forget that they are the hired help. Your job is to around the scene, not in spite of it. Sometimes I wonder who is the jackass and who is the one having to put up with it.

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