A77 IQ at ISO 200 – Poor RAW but Good JPG Quality

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Re: A77 IQ at ISO 200 – Poor RAW but Good JPG Quality

whtchocla7e wrote:

Did you shoot the A77 jpeg and raw as two separate exposures or as raw+jpeg?

The JPEG was shot as a separate ExtraFine image. The combined RAW+JPEG option is limited to Fine JPEGs.

The quality of in-camera JPEGs delivered by the A77 is superb at low/medium ISOs. I haven't tested high ISOs yet. If you click on image DSC 00012, the view is then 100%, which is equivalent to looking close-up at an image sized at around 6.5 feet or almost 2 metres.

IDC4-converted RAW files contain huge noise both in shadow and full sun, including clear blue sky. To get rid of it needs a lot of noise reduction that strips away major levels of detail.

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