From 400D to 60D or 7D; questions

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From 400D to 60D or 7D; questions

Dear all,

I own a 400D since January 2007; with old kit lens 18-55mm, and now also with Sigma 30mm 1.4 and 85mm 1.8.

1) I am considering upgrading the body and/or buying the Canon 15-85mm; possibly at the same time, for starting with one of the two...

2) I am looking at 600D, 60D, 7D.

What I look forward by upgrading:

  • better ISO performance than my 400D

  • better autofocus

  • better viewfinder

  • better handling

Therefore, I leave out the 600D.

Nice to have are the movable display of the 60D, and the fact it is one year younger than 7D.

I am sometimes tempted to go for the 7D ("to be sure") but since I am not especially sport or wildlife photographer, I can probably live happily with the 60D. This would also help the budget.

I have been playing with 60D and 7D in a shop recently, and the only annoying point was the grip of the 60D. In the shop, it was coming off. I understand this is something that can be fixed by Canon if it happens, and maybe it was limited to the first batch. But even more annoying: the rubber of the 60D gave me the impression to be sticky (not very nice feeling) and got warm in the hand after a few minutes.

This was quite different from the rubber of the 7D, which remained "cool" even after a few minutes in my hands.

I wonder if other people have the same feeling.

It sounds overdone to put 300-400 hundreds euros more just for that feeling (as I don't really need the additional features of the 7D) but if it is to stick with that bad feeling everyday... mmh..

Any advice welcome! Thanks...

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