Worst problem with DSLR - "No Photos Allowed, sir"

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Re: I wonder what their concern is?

I've had really good luck taking photos (non-flash) in places where they're not permitted by calling or asking in advance if I may, and explaining I am not a pro, they may be sold but in very limited hobbyist quantities, and if they like I will provide them with a copy they can sell too. (I'm not a pro, so i figure it's not losing me any business, and a real pro will take much better pics than mine, so likely not costing them any business once they show a venue their skills and quality of work) This has worked so well for me and some of my local camera clubs, we were able to take pics in several local landmarks without flash where photography is so prohibited that if someone snaps a cellphone pic they are immediately escorted to the door! (the guards follow all tours all the time, no one is left out of sight.)

Another reason for the prohibitions in museums/art exhibits/landmarks is that they think if someone can take a virtual tour online by looking at your pics, they're less likely to be a paying customer/tourist at their facility. I can kind of understand that, but then there are two kinds of people viewing those photos, those who will never go because they're too lazy but like armchair travel, or simply can't afford it; and there are those who will view the photos and be inspired to take a trip and see an exhibit they may not have been interested in before! So I guess you could make an argument for photos increasing their business too.

Sorry for the long post, i'm wired for some reason. lol

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