Who need Nikon F1 When there is NEX and Micro 4/3

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Nice try, no cigar.

But your carefully picked sample doesn't show more detail from the G3, just smeary, globby reddish chroma noise that may be darker, but no more preserving of detail, tonal range, etc. You can pick the G3, but I'll opt for the NX's fine, regular noise that may yet yield additional detail with a bit of PP.

DR tests can be fooled. If the G3 is cooking/compressing RAW a bit ala the infamous D5000 NR RAW, tests may be skewed. I know from owning two m43 12MP models, aforementioned D5000 and other APS-C cameras that the NX is not as horrible as you're trying to assert (in very matter-of-fact fashion, not as personal opinion, as you accused me of doing).

There are many other shadowy crops of the NX 1600 vs. G3 3200 comparison that favor the NX. You have not established that the G3 is a full stop better.

As you can see, even at 100% crop in high contrast shadow situations, I can get pretty decent results from my 'terrible' NX100 sensor. This PP took maybe 5 minutes - I could've done a better job, frankly.

And finally, not all deep shadow areas show the NX giving much of anything up to the G3 with both at 1600. More noise, yes - less detail? I don't think so, at least not very much.

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