AMAZED! - RAW ISO 2500 output incredible vs OOC JPEG

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Re: RPP looks much better than mine

jl_smith wrote:

Well, I don't know if something isn't right, but I do have a question.

Do you have RPP applying any sort of saved profile / tweak to the image?

I only ask because when I shoot RAW with my 5N and I open using the latest version of RPP, my image looks like nothing from any JPEG I can get from the camera - the RPP image is very washed out and dull, though I can apply my tweaks in LR3 (or RPP if I'm patient) and get the look I want.

Just curious - unsure if it has to do with me shooting in aRGB or some other issue.

Read the FAQs on the RPP website. They explain this phenomenon as being due to the fact that RPP does not apply any default adjustments to exposure or contrast, as most raw convertors do and as in-camera jpeg engines do. What you shot is what you see initially, which sometimes can be disappointing. An example of this is the unadjusted RPP sample that started this thread. It could easily benefit from increased exposure and contrast, and then there would be no question that it is superior to the jpeg version.


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