cannon G3 or Nikon 5700 or Minolta 7i

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Re: Highly reccomend the Minolta

I own ( and love ) the older Minolta Dimage 7 .... the noise issue has been inflated beyond belief! I print 11 x 14 files on a regular basis from this camera... no one has yet to complain about noise, including Yale Joel, retired LIFE Magazine photographer ( at his request I sent him an 11 x 14 print of a flower macro). This prints noise-free, too:

Check out my site... 50% of the images are from the D7... the others from an Olympus. I challenge you to pick which are which. The only difference is that I can, and do, make large prints from the D7 files....
Newbies.... don't take everything you read in these forums as Gospel...

Go to your local shop, hold and use the camera... pick the one that feels best... ask for sample prints... make up your own mind....
All my best.
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