Nikon V1 - I've decided to buy one (selling my GH2)

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Re: Yes it does

The color-difference is caused by the lack of profile for the 1 in the converter, as the 1 series is yet to hit the streets. The difference in resolution does make itself apparent in the text, but if you compare the fabrics of the same shot, it swings the other way. I fully expect the 1 series to match the 12mp Panasonic for performance, but we'll find out soon when the reviews start appearing.

frosti7 wrote:

Thanx for the comparison,

frankly i can see much more details in m43 cameras, the writings on the bottle, and the logo are much clearer, i can only imagine how much better the m43 at high detail scenes.

true, the m43 show more color noise, but the photos generally have much more color in them then the nikon,

the nikon looks like it was 50% desaturated compared to the m43...not a good result,
i bet in real world the difference would be greater (when u have more colors)

P.S the nikon top model(with evf) is supposed to compete with G3, not GH2,
The G3 has even better high iso's

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