S95 to S100: who is upgrading?

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Re: I do not agree, respectfully...

vincentnyc wrote:

Actually, the noise levels will certainly be higher simply because CMOS sensors produce more noise than comparable CCD sensors .

Respectfully, I do not agree with the bolded sentence above. With different generations of sensors, variants of sensors, it is not possibly, in my humble opinion to make a blanket statement that CMOS will produce more noise than "comparable CCD" sensors. It is no longer easy or possible to find what "comparable" is nowdays, as technology advances, and variants of sensors come on board generation after generation.

What do the rest of the good folks on this forum think, may I ask? Thx in advance.

I agree with you, I think these these are horribly overgeneralized for effect and often outdated. For example, nowadays it seems like the agreement is actually that backlit cmos sensor perform as well if not better than CCD's at high iso's. The drawback is less detail at low iso's. And even that is a generalization, I don't entirely think it's necessarily true, just sayin'.

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