My a77 just became faulty.

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RE: What firmware do you have? My a77 just became faulty.

Celtic Yob wrote:

Butirka take it back and tell them you want your money back, I'll correct that demand your money back. If they do not listen to reason ask to see the manager, if you still get no satisfaction go straight to trading standards, it wont arm to tell them your intention before you go. If you have your mobile phone handy, phone trading standard while you are in the shop And something else shout they don't like other customers hearing a disgruntled customer having a bad time.

I done this at one time, in the end they could not give me my money back quick enough, The person who sold it to you had commission if he gives you your money back he as lost it,
Sending it off for repair means he still as it. Don't be shy.

Coming in with fire blasting out of his nostrils and smoke puffing out his ears might not be a good way to go. Perhaps he should be pleasant first. Most places will give him no problem after all it is not on the internet. The store is quite aware that offending a customer is bad - especially with the internet calling for his business. So reserve the pyrotechniques to the situation where they are not complicit with what is right. And in addition I would make my dissastifaction known by being quite loud and hopefully several other customers will take concern at that. So go when it is busy. A loud complaining customer is a lose lose lose situation for the store.

I suggest he should give it a try as a gentleman first as I think he will be pleasantly surprised. Then load up all your ammo and go for the jugular.

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