Problem: Sony TruBlack anti reflection glare lcd display screen film coating failure?

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Problem: Sony TruBlack anti reflection glare lcd display screen film coating failure?

I'm wondering what folks' experiences are with the anti-glare or anti-reflection coating on the NEX cameras?

After less than a year of careful use, here's what is beginning to happen to my NEX-3:

The anti-reflection coating seems to be wearing off. From another angle:

The Sony TruBlack system, which supposedly includes an anti-reflection film (please see )
appears to be abrading away or breaking down in some way.

I had a TX7 point-and-shoot on which I used a typical PET silicone bonded screen-protector and about a year later when I peeled off the protector to replace it, much of the TruBlack anti-reflection film came off with it. It looked very much like this failure:

(The above is on a TX1 borrowed from this thread )

I ended up scraping off the remaining coating residue with a plastic scraper! The screen looked better, but it had noticeably lost the higher-contrast, anti-glare characteristics. I'm using a Sony brand adhesive screen protector on my current TX10 (hoping, likely naively, that if the anti-glare fails, Sony might back it up).

I don't want my NEX-3 to suffer a similar fate.

I am familiar with the Sony and GGS rigid protectors as possible solutions, but I'm curious about others' actual experiences with the essential problem...

Will this coating inevitably keep breaking-down?

Will a stick-on protector just lift off the film or contribute to the anti-glare failure?


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