more NEX-5n & 18-200mm examples (converted from raw)

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more NEX-5n & 18-200mm examples (converted from raw)

I'm still trying to get the hang of Raw Therapee (more used to Lightroom or Bibble) so apologies for the less than stellar conversions. However there have been several people asking to see raw conversions and examples frm the 18-200mm... so here they are..

As for what I think..
5n first:

Most of the time I am astounded by the quality of high iso shots up to 1600, but sometimes it just falls apart and the shots are terrible. this is especially true with low contrast/low light shots.

Compared to my 1D/5D/D3x files, I find the raw files a bit 'fragile' - very easy to destroy the tonal qualities and I have definate problems with colour drifts. Part of this is probably my ineptitude with Raw Therapee

The 5n is (IMO) an nice electronic toy first and a camera second. Having said that it functions quite well as 'digital back' it is just much slower than an SLR to use.

I think that when the raw processors get more mature we are going to get very good quality from the sensor (same ball park as the current midrange SLR's).


Suprisingly good - especially up to about 100mm. Above this it is slightly soft. Most of the time the bigger problem is trying to hand hold a 300mm equiv with funky ballance

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