HDR? NEX 5 does HDR? Really?

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Re: HDR? NEX 5 does HDR? Really?

There are 3 main software programs to affect HDR images:
1. Photoshop
2. NIK
3. Photomatrix

All of them work best when images are merges as RAW files. You can stack them in PS5 the others need to be entered as solo entities. All 3 process the files a little different the other guy. I find that NIK and Photomatrix give a more edgy look than PS5. PS5 does have more options in the software than the other 2.

After all that merging there is the post processing of the HDR image. HDR does not handle motion well at all (like a flag in the breeze).

Here are 3 images thar are PS5 HDR; Photomatrix HDr; and well exposed single. When I took the photo I was 1.5 to 2 EVO off the well exposed.

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