Response from Sony Gulf regarding 5N Clicking Issue

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Response from Sony Gulf regarding 5N Clicking Issue

Hello All,

I have expressed my concern by phone to our local Sony store regarding the 5N clicking issue, they did not seem to have any information on this, so I went ahead and sent them an email email highlighting the issue hoping they escalate it to their Sony's HQ and get a proper acknowledgement.

Unfortunately after they replied to my email, Sony Gulf is not aware of the problem, neither do they offer the repair.

1) Does this mean the batch sold by Sony Gulf does not have the clicking issue?
2) The batch sold by Sony Gulf has the issue, but they don't recognize this.

I am not sure what to make out of Sony's response, I am sharing below my conversation with them, perhaps you can point me to something I have missed.

PS: Sony 5N will be released locally in 10 days, so I haven't had a chance to play with it yet to see if it has the problem -but I am pretty sure it does.

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Reply message ----------
From: SonyCustomerCare, MEA
Date: Wed, Sep 28, 2011 at 10:45 AM
Subject: SCCGULF1109274570

Dear Mr. Bennis,

Thank you for your time in reaching Sony Gulf contact centre.

We have gone through your e-mail and understand your concern

Please be informed that we do not have any quality issues with this Model. We always provide the best products to our customers.

For an actual look and feel of the product, a visit to any of our dealer's showroom outlets may be of interest to you. To obtain information about their contact details & showroom network, please visit our website; and select country of interest in the 'country field.

All together, we suggest you consider buying from Sony authorize dealers only where genuine Sony products are being sold along with a valid warranty.

Trust the above clarifies. If you need any further information, we are always happy to be of help.


Sony Contact Centre (MEA)

---------- Initial message ----------
From: Hakim BENNIS
Sent: Tuesday, September 27, 2011 12:57 PM
To: SonyCustomerCare, MEA
Subject: Sony NEX 5N - Clicking Issue

Dear Syed,

With reference to our phone conversation, it has been widely reported by users who purchased the new Sony NEX 5N that the camera makes an undesirable clicking sound that disturbs the audio while recording videos. Users have reported the clicking sound to be coming from the body of the camera (meaning with or without a lens attached). Also the clicking noise can be heard simply by moving around the camera (Without being in video recording mode).

There have been many reports and videos made by users (please check out links below) since the camera was released in the US, Sony USA has acknowledged the problem on September 24th, and has announced a service plan for NEX-5N "click" issue (for USA customers only), Sony UK seem to be accepting NEX 5N for service as well, however, no public acknowledgement has been announced.

Sony USA Support Page:

Sony USA Customer Reviews Page for Sony NEX 5N:

Videos made by users highlighting the issue:

Media reports:

As said discussed in our call, we think the NEX 5N is a fantastic camera, and we intend to buy at least 10 units, however with this clicking issue we would like to be reassured from Sony MEA that the problem is acknowledged and can be solved by Sony Dubai.

PS: There clicking issue seems to affect all the 5N owners in the US or abroad, hence not just a specific batch is affected.

I thank you for your consideration in this matter, and await your feedback soon.

Best regards,

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