To those of you who bought the dual lens kit for the 5n

Started Sep 24, 2011 | Discussions thread
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Re: To those of you who bought the dual lens kit for the 5n

I just picked up my 16mm pancake lens from the dealer in town. I had purchased the 5n with the 18-55 kit lens but the dealer on Friday and took advantage of the rebate on the 16mm pancake lens. Unfortunately the dealer did not have it in stock so he had to have it shipped from another store. I picked it up today. Opening up the package confirmed that the 16mm comes with both the front lens cap and a rear lens cap. Now the only thing I have missing is a cap for the body. However, I ordered one from Amazon and should have the body cap so I will be set to travel with the body and the two lenses as separate items or most likely I will keep the 16mm on the body.

In summary, the 16mm pancake does come packaged with the front and rear caps.

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