Micro Four Thirds has a golden opportunity

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Re: Totally agree - I wonder what sensor Oly is going to use?

AndySlider wrote:

"A EP3 type of body with IBIS, a 16meg sensor that can deliver at least a good ISO1600, and with a 2meg or higher EVF for $1200, paired with the already excellent and affordable lenses"

To my thinking - I reckon that Oly and Panasonic should work closer together on sensors and come up with three levels of sensor with improved performance and make them available for both companies to use in the following way:
1. 12 MP base sensor for the GF-3 and E-PM1 E-PL3 models
2. 16 MP mid level sensor for G3 / E-P3 type models

3. 16 MP mulit-aspect ratio for GH-3 and Pen Hi series model with EVF type models.

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I thought that is just what the present situation is other then there is no Pen Hi series with inbody EVF now?

I think the real answer to the Sony NEX 5N and NEX7 is soon coming in the Pany GF7 and the GX1. The Pens and G3 and GF3 are already good IQ at ISO 1600 according to most reviews.

I wouldn't be wanting the current IBIS given that it cannot be used with video and less effective at certain critical shutter speeds also I would doubt the current Pens with fast good light AF are any match to Pany and NEX in low light AF times.

Given the astoniishing small size, IQ, and fast AF and better IS of the new X lenses I think these lenses will be m4/3's answer to the NEXs and other larger lens systems.

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