Does the IS or the lack of IS matter that much for the Canon 17-40 L f4 USM

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consider the 17-55 f2.8 IS !

It is the best "standard zoom" for APS-C sensor bodies. A bit more expensive, but a keeper for sure!

truknayr23 wrote:

I have been putting off my purchase of the cheapest Canon L lens for so long. i have been wanting to get the 17-40mm L f4 canon for my 550D. but a lot of my friends tell me that the 15-85mm is the better buy... since it has a longer reach and has IS...

For me the reach disadvantage does not put me off because i have been a kit lens user for a year now. and i have been very comfortable with it. so i guess from 55mm to 40 ain't gonna be that bad.

So here is my dilemma... the 17-40mm having NO IS... does it really matter?

To the people who have owned this lens please share your good and bad experiences with this lens... please! Thanks!

P.S i know there are so many reviews of this lens going around... but it i would like to ask the opinions and experiences of the people on this part of the cyber world. Cheers!

ryan d.
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