Worst problem with DSLR - "No Photos Allowed, sir"

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Re: I wonder what their concern is?

Regarding the "no photo" policy in shopping malls,..... Years ago, before digital compacts and iphones, about the only time one would see people taking photos in a mall was at Christmas time, when there were elaborate Christmas decorations on display...... and then , it seemed to be tolerated or overlooked by mall mamagement. Nowadays, however, most people seem to carry these mini -cameras with them , 24 hours a day...... and that is why the crackdown , in my opinion.

Probably , the same reasoning goes for places like churches and museums....
along with the fact that that rudeness and lack of manners seems to be rampant

these days. Using flash , even when expressly forbidden ..... and lack of judgement or consideration for others , in general. It's a shame but a reality that many places / institutions have decided to just ban cameras altogether ,....because so many people now ,are disrespectful of the privilege.

There is also, the monetary angle...... Certain museums, churches , etc.... have banned cameras in order to make some revenue by selling postcards or photo books . In that case, I might suggest they substitute a photo permit fee, instead. In most cases, I would gladly pay a reasonable fee for the privilege.

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