Worst problem with DSLR - "No Photos Allowed, sir"

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Re: True. Much easier with my m4/3 gear than my DSLR.

I have been questioned many times while shooting with my DSLR. Even when I lived in Washington, DC (where you can't swing a tripod without hitting a photographer) I stood out because I often used big pro lenses and a tripod. Only in a few situations was I ever asked to stop, but I was briefly questioned more often. I guess in most situations the security or police knew I had a right to photograph... they just wanted to let me know I was being watched.

One place I ran into trouble in the years following 9/11 was in the Washington, DC Metro (subway) underground stations. Now I think they have more clearly defined their photography policy (it is allowed), but some years ago it was vague and difficult to understand. Something about "professional photos not allowed without a permit." Before 9/11 I took all the photos I wanted down there, but after I would be told by Metro security that I was not allowed to take photos as soon as I got my DSLR out. Meanwhile tourists were easily getting away with photography using their small P&S cameras. When I asked about the discrepancy, I was told by one security officer, "We can't see everyone, but we try." I guess it's much easier to spot the DSLR cameras. I believe since I left they relaxed and clarified their policy.

Even where I live now I get more questions and more looks with my DSLR gear... whether from security staff or from other photographers who just want to talk shop. When I shoot using my m4/3 gear I am barely noticed. Nobody cares and I feel more relaxed.

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