Is this kind of unusually high noise expected for K-x at ISO 400 ?

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Trevor G wrote:

Also, expose to the right - get as much "brightness" into the image as possible, to avoid having to lift the shadows later. If it starts to blow out you can sometimes use the highlight adjustment tool in DCU4 to bring back some of the blown highlights.

Meh. I can't say I agree with this. Exposing to the right on the K-x can be fairly risky. I find I have much more "Head"room by exposing for the highlights instead, since the K-x appears to have much more shadow headroom than highlight headroom. I'm used to ETTR but with the K-x I tend to get blown highlights.

I'd rather get noisy shadows than blown highlights, but to each his own. Its clearly on an image-by-image basis. (But it is a known fact that the K-x's metering blows out highlights).

The K-x has 3.2 EV worth of highlight range, while the D5000 has 4.0. The K-x has significantly higher shadow range than its competitors.

But in a low DR image (like the original post), I agree - expose to the right and pull down the exposure later. In original picture, you could have shot with a slower shutter speed and lower ISO altogether.

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