Profoto vs Einstein

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Profoto vs Einstein


I would like to know your opinion about the Profoto Acute2 1200 with D4 head and PCB Einstein with Vagabond mini.

I would like to buy only one generator and one head as the starting kit, then another head and after a long long time maybe more, but for the start only 1generator+1head. Its really important, because when I will be buying another head for einstein I will need to buy another VagabondMini to produce the same amount of light as the Acute2 1200.

In nutshell:
Acute2 1200+2xD4heads= 1200w
2xEinstein 640w+2xVagabondMini=1200w

After reading the first paragraph it would be obvious, the profoto fans will come and say: "oh, profoto is the standard, high quality, robust build, much more modifiers" and the paul c buff fans "its much more cheaper, you can buy 3lights instead of one, its lightweight, its a bargin, you can dial down the einsteint to use as fill flash, the color temperature is constant and better" blah blah blah.

But!!! In America I would buy Einstein - no doubt, but I live in Europe and the prices are "little bit" different. So, this is why I would like to know your opinion. Tell me please, why buy this or that, tell me the reason, not only "profoto is better" or "obviously einstein".

First setup:

Profoto Acute2 and D4 head - 1200w - 2300€

PCB Einstein and VagabondMini - 640w - 930€

After a year add another head:

Profoto Acute2 and 2xD4 head - 1200w - 3160€

2x PCB Einstein and 2x VagabondMini - 1200w - 1860€

So the PCB in europe is not much cheaper - yes it is difference, but I would like to know if the difference is worth it or not.

ps. want shoot glamour, beauty, editorial etc, so all kind of portraits, not sport or something like that

Thank you very much!

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