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awphoto wrote:

MartynD2oo wrote:

Hi folks

The owner of this beach club is asking how much I will charge them to use this image in future publicity. The original image is 12mp taken with D3 and 14-24. I was guessing at around €80 for full rights, is that about right?

Bit unsure how to deal with this as normally I work for complete sessions on DVDs.

Thanks in advance for the help.

"FULL RIGHTS"?? try around 8000 minimum rather than 80.

8000 what, snails legs? if you are talking $s, which cloud are you living on?

get proper information from them on what usage they actually want.

FULL RIGHTS is pretty meaningless and not usually something that they would require.

If you think about it, "full rights" could mean they could sell it as prints, use it for international advertising, use it on billboards, everything in fact.

Do you not think it is worth a bit more than 80 euros ??

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