Canon 8000F scanner and USB 2.0 -- first contact!

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Re: Canon 8000F scanner and USB 2.0 -- first contact!

MK wrote:

Can someone here post a link to a 2400 dpi negative (or slide) scan
example of the 5000 or the 8000? There seems to be very little
info on the web about the 5000/8000. I am especially interested in
their FARE technology. This could be a poor man's film scanner for
me. My other consideration is the Coolscan IV but it's a bit out
of my price range.

MK -- sorry but I deleted the example scans I did with my 8000F before returning it to buy an Epson 2450. My experience was the FARE technology worked very well, as indicated in an earlier post. Scan results from the Canon and Epson scanners was about the same, although the Epson 2450 scans are a little on the soft side as many have noted. Most people use the Unsharp Mask option in the Epson twain driver rather than doing the same thing in PhotoShop. there are pros and cons to this, particular since sharpening a photo or slide increases grain, which is most noticeable in a sky. Sharpening in PS can be done by masking only the area that you want to sharpen rather than the entire image. Check out the excellent review of the 2450 here:

The Epson 2450 comes with an older version of SilverFast SE, which does not include dust and scratch removal. I think you can upgrade for a few bucks to the newer version (6.0 SE, I think) that has this feature. The current version of VueScan may also have dust and scratch removal, but I don't know. VueScan is a $40 shareware program -- excellent, and supports most scanners.

Bottom line -- BOTH scanners (Epson 2450 and Canon 8000F) are about the same in terms of quality of output and bundled software, but bandwidth of the connection to your computer is a critical factor for scanning slides (or any scan above 300 dpi). The Canon 5000 and 8000 scanners are USB only, although they support USB 2.0 which is supposed to be quick. But unless you have USB 2.0 I would not buy one of these scanners. The Epson 2450 supports USB 1.1 / 2.0 as well as FireWire (IEEE 1394 for PC users). The difference between USB 1.1 and FireWire is like night and day. As I said in another post, I do not know anyone who has been successful in using USB 2.0 on a Mac, although card manufacturers advertise it will work. But most new PCs shouuld support it, since USB 2.0 is an Intel/Microsoft initiated protocol. Be very careful about this though -- newer things like USB 2.0 and FireWire work with the newest operating systems from Microsoft and Apple, but may not with an older OS. I believe this is particularly true with Windows 98 / 2K / XP. You should check this out very carefully before deciding which scanner to buy. (Whenever you ask advice as to what to buy for your computer, it is always helpful to say what computer you have, the operating system, and any other relevant information such as version of PhotoShop, etc.)

Where to buy? the best price I found for the Canon scanners was -- $279 plus shipping. Best price on the soon-to-be-discontinued Epson 2450 was $299 at Apparently Sam's Club stores carry scanners, but a call to several stores in my area revealed that they only had the Epson 2400 in stock. You need to be a member to buy from Sam's Club, but when I purchased the 2450 on line I signed up for an additional $35.

Whew! Told you more than I know....
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