Is it rude to bring DSLR to wedding?

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Re: Is it rude to bring DSLR to wedding?

VueFinder wrote:

This is a strange question, but wondering if a DSLR is simply to big and pro to bring to a friends wedding? I am a guest.

Yes! Bring your DSLR and take as many pictures as you like.( Of course, stay out of the Pro's way.)

Reason: Many years ago I shot several rolls of film at a Bridal Shower. Many of the attendees were older and several had traveled many miles to attend. When the other attendees saw my fancy Canon A1 film DSLR + gear --- they put their cameras away.

The next day, while on a business trip, my car was stolen. In the trunk, packed in a foam-lined case, was my camera and all of the film from the event. Unfortunately, my wife's cousin had only 5 pictures (total) from her once-in-a-lifetime family affair.

I now shoot with a high quality P&S camera (TL500) which fits in a case attached to my belt. DSLRs are too big and bulky --- and easily stolen if left unattended at the table.

PS - The car was found 4 weeks later, repaired and returned to me. No camera or gear was ever recovered.
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Photographers take pictures; the camera is only a tool.

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