leica lens made in japan?

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Re: leica lens made in japan?

For the record, I have a photo mag from 2007 or so, and it talks about the Leica/Panasonic connection (in relation to the DMC-L1) and it mentioned how Leica sources its glass from Panasonic for its lenses and it shouldn't be a surprise, since the glass raw materials of the highest quality are not available in Germany, but in Japan. Supposedly, German lens manufacturing in Japan has gone on for decades.

vk2109 wrote:
Well, it's a lens built by Minolta in Japan for Leica.

Leica factories are only Germany and Canada ...


porrsha wrote:

There is a 16mm 3 cam R lens on ebay for sale. It looks clean but it clearly says made in Japan! How many lenses, if any, did Leica make in Japan?


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