played with the x10 yesterday

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Re: played with the x10 yesterday

riveredger wrote:

I was there as well and tried the X10. The rep said it was the only working prototype in North America! I love it. It feels much better in the hand than all of the other compacts I tried (Nikon P7100, LX5, D-Lux5) and I think it makes more sense than the mirrorless compacts. They also had the new Nikon 1 cameras at the Expo. I was not impressed with them at all - especially considering the price tag. But I digress.

The real prize is the lens on the X10, though. 2.0-2.8 is just awesome for a compact camera.

Several compacts have very fast lenses. The X10 is not the first to this party.

Other thoughts: the viewfinder is just meh. It is better than the tiny one on the Nikon P7100 or Canon G12, but it is not nearly as nice as the X100 (which was at the table to play with as well).

Too bad, as the X100's viewfinder is what caused a lot of people to truly go crazy for the camera. The X10's is well described by you and will be a serious let down for any X100 owners.

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